The Steve Boston Biography

A biography of Steve Boston (1910–1972) — one of all
those anonymous designers that never gets mentioned
when accounting for the design history. The book is an
examination project at Beckmans College of Design,
Sweden and was rewarded with the Anders and Nunnie
Beckman Scholarship 2003.

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If one is adequately versed in design history, the originator
behind certain design objects can be identified solely by studying
their composition, shape or form. A chair by Bruno Mattsson
or the Eames couple, a vase by Alvar Aalto or the early
Penguin book design by Eric Gill all display the distinctive
mark of their creators. These examples—among others—are
often referred to as ”design classics”, as the makers of the
objects in question all stand out as exceptional talents within
their respective fields. However, the majority of design-work
produced in any period are of an unknown origin. Who were
they, these anonymous designers that are never mentioned in
design reference literature, but truly represent the norm of
their era?

Visiting a local antiquary, I found a beautifully composed
promotion poster for an old American radio station. Pasted on
the back of the frame is a note that reads ”wkka Radio, by
Steve Boston 1937”. I decided to find out more about Steve
Boston and his career as a graphic artist. The result of my
studies are presented in this book.

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